From time to time I have something that I just have to get off my chest.

Sometimes I come across something that I find interesting or entertaining and just feel like I need to share it.

Either way, this is my soapbox and sometimes I use it.
Participation Trophies Cost Lives
Here we are again. Grieving the loss of lives in a school shooting. Police, parents, classmates, and Congress all wringing their hands. What to do? What to do?... We must enact laws that will keep this from happening....   I'm tired of hearing it.

We don't need new laws. We don't need enhanced background checks. We don't need to ban guns. We need to do a better job with our children. They've been raised with the wrong idea of how life works. They've been awarded the Participation Trophy!

After a lifetime of being led to believe that they will always succeed, always win, they never learned the skills needed to cope with disappointment. Disappointment is the default state for almost everyone. Children should learn from the beginning that this is how life works. Working your hardest will not guarantee victory. Hard work doesn't assure success. More often than not, you will not get what you want.

Now people who don't have the life skills necessary to deal with their disappointments are struggling to find ways to express their frustration. Far too often they turn to alcohol, drugs, and even violence. That Participation Trophy that little Johnny got as a tot has turned him into a killer because his parents and teachers didn't care enough to teach him the truth and how to deal with his frustration. If Johnny had learned acceptable ways to deal with disappointment, school children would still be alive.
If you don't like our immigration laws, change them!

Vern Miller was Kansas Attorney General from 1970-1975. He became famous across the country for enforcing unpopular laws. He busted airlines for serving alcohol in the skies above Kansas (no liquor by the drink back then). He busted a lot of our grandmothers for playing BINGO at the American Legion, VFW, Elks Lodge, and even the Catholic Church!

He didn't make the laws, he just enforced them All.

A lot of laws got changed.
Immigration Laws

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